Windows 10 RDP Freezing

While connected to remote Windows machines via RDP in Windows 10, the connection freezes after x amount of minutes. Pretty often.

The resolution was to disable UDP.

  1. Run gpedit.msc.
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administration Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client.
  3. Set the “Turn Off UDP On Client” setting to Enabled.

This seems to have appeared when I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 1903, though my RDP isn’t used very often from this machine. I’ve also seen issues on forums dating back to 1809. You can check your version by going to settings > about.

I noticed that I wasn’t getting kicked off anymore, but the quality of the screen went down, like everything became less crisp or fuzzy.

I have read that using a RD Gateway forces MSTSC to use TCP connections (or TCP/HTTPS) which disables the UDP sessions as well.

Update 1/21/2020:

I read that this was an issue with the graphics card drivers. I updated the drivers on my client, but that didn’t help.

I then moved on to MobaXterm, which I probably should have done long ago. Not only did it solve my issue, but the organization is great and supports far more than RDP. Examples are SSH, Telnet, FTP, SFTP, Serial, AWS S3 and more.

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HP 27er Display Random Black Screen

hp27erI recently replacing my aging monitor setup at the office with a few HP 27er monitor displays. I run these on a MSI Gaming 3 motherboard running Windows 10 Pro. They look amazing, but unless they are functional they are worthless right?

I noticed what seemed to be random flickering to a black screen for a second. After a process of elimination it seemed it was a specific power brick, likely not supplying enough voltage/amps. I even got HP to send me a new power brick (that was a nightmare).

However today broke that theory. I then was able to reproduce the issue by scrolling through Facebook quickly using the scroll wheel on my mouse. I then installed the specific drivers from the HP site, which still didn’t fix the issue.

After some further research I found the issue lied in Google Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration feature. This appears to happen to a number of HP displays such as the 27xw as well.

To resolve my issue I took these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click the three circle dots in the upper-right
  3. Click settings
  4. Click “Show advanced settings”
  5. Turn off System > “Use hardware acceleration when available”

Now while scrolling through Facebook quickly the issue is no longer reproducible.

Not sure if this is a Chrome issue, video card issue or monitor issue, but I wish HP would figure out a fix with Google.

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Windows 10 God Mode

I became brave and updated both my work, personal and family computers to Windows 10. So far I’ve had limited issues:

  1. Had to do an “online repair” of Office 2013 for Word files to open again. This was a Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade.
  2. Can’t find a proper driver that will work for my office’s 1320c Laser printer. I hardly ever print, so this is low priority for me. This was a Win 8.1 to Win 10 upgrade, but I didn’t try the Win 8.1 driver either when it was installed.
  3. Can’t print wirelessly to my home Epson multi-function printer. Something tells me that if I reinstall it, it’ll work fine. This was a Win 8.1 to Win 10 upgrade.

But here’s what I’m really blogging about… “God Mode”.

This tweak is the same as previous versions of Windows and gets you to 260+ functions and tools. You can drag-and-drop any of the commands to your desktop to create shortcuts for the command as well. To enable it:

  1. GodModeIconCreate a new folder on your Windows desktop
  2. Label it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  3. It will change its icon and label to “God Mode”

Credit: SuperSite for Windows: Enabling GodMode for Windows 10

Another favorite feature is the “Snipping Tool”. This tool allows you to take custom screen shots and mark them up. It even has a delay feature so you can setup drop down menus before it shoots the screen. Just search for it in your start menu.

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