Console Logging of ColdFusion ORM SQL

If you read my post on getting the ColdFusion Builder Console working and use ORM, you may have run into some further questions.

When generating ORM, it’s wise to monitor what SQL queries Hibernate is generating for you, both for performance and debugging reasons. (Wasn’t ORM supposed to make my life easier?).

To start logging ORM’s SQL set this property in your application.cfc:

<cfset this.ormsettings.logsql="true">

You’ll may notice however that the default configuration will not show DDL queries used for creating or updating tables nor will it show the parametrized values (just a ?).

To enable these things look at <cf_home>\lib\ (in my case it’s C:\ColdFusion9\lib\

To enable logging of parametrized values uncomment and change the value for to look like this:

It seems like a little overkill on what this ends up returning because not only will it return your parametrized values but also what each column returns. I wish I could disable the latter.

To enable logging of exports and updates (DDL) uncomment and change the value for to look like this:, HIBERNATECONSOLE

I placed an example snippet below. Thanks to Rupesh Kumar for providing this information.