My New Experience Getting ColdFusion Builder 2 Console Working

I have ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition installed on my Windows 7 machine running IIS7. Normally my ColdFusion 9 Application Server service starts automatically for me.

Recently I have started learning and developing with ORM. Because of this, I need to figure out what ORM is asking the SQL server to make sure it’s not doing anything crazy.

To do this I turned on logsql in ormSettings config in application.cfc. Then found that it would log to a file or the Console view.

But alas, nothing showed in my Console view, and yep, I did have a server configured in the Servers view.

So I find out that I need to stop/start the server in the servers view to get this working. After trying that it pretty much lied to me and said it did when it really didn’t.

At that point I stopped the service in the Windows service and tried to start from ColdFusion Builder. No such luck.

Then I tried restarting ColdFusion Builder w/ Administrator rights. BAM – now I can get the CF service started.

But I notice something interesting. The service in the Windows Service Manager still shows stopped after a refresh. But alas my Console works perfectly.

So I have no idea what is going on, but this is what I figure needs to happen to get this all working correctly:

  1. Change the ColdFusion 9 Application Server properties of startup type to manual and stop the service.
  2. Close ColdFusion Builder if already open and start it as Administrator (right click icon and select Run As Administrator)
  3. In the Servers View in ColdFusion Builder, edit your server config and auto start and stop the CF Server. (optional but recommended… If you close CF Builder, you will need to restart the server anyway)
  4. Select your server and click the green run arrow.
  5. You should see ColdFusion startup with a bunch of output in the Console at this point.
At this point I would suggest modifying your shortcut to always run as administrator. This has gotten me many times already, so I finally made this change.
  1. Right click shortcut and select properties
  2. Click Advanced button
  3. Turn on “Run as administrator”
  4. OK > OK

What a mess! Needs to be a slicker way of getting this rolling without an hour of research and messing with Administrator rights. But hope this helps my memory and anyone else scratching their head!