Getting Rocketfish Keyboard to Work on Windows 7

I tried adding my bluetooth Rocketfish Keyboard to my new Windows 7 laptop this weekend using the Rocketfish USB dongle. My Rocketfish Bluetooth mouse added just fine. When adding via the Bluetooth dialog, I could see the keyboard – however when you add it it just tries to connect. Thanks to Technet’s social board I found the solution. When you go to add the device, right click on the keyboard icon and click on properties. In the servies tab, check the box that says Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID). It now works great!

Project Natal – Milo

As a total “geek”, many people assume that I sit at home after work and play X-Box or Playstation all night. But the truth is, those game consoles are just to complicated for my taste. In fact, rarely do I play video games. What I do enjoy in the arena however, is my Nintendo Wii. I enjoy the simple, yet interactive and challenging games such as the Wii Fit, Disney Trivia, Tetris, Wii Sports, Mario and others. However – I do wish the graphics where a little more modernized and the AI pieces just quite aren’t there. Another thing you should know about me, is I’m not really a big Microsoft fan – yet I use their products everyday such as Windows and Office. Along comes Microsoft’s Project Natal and its creation Milo. WOW! Project Natal is a new way to play the XBox. There is no controller to stick in your pocket as you run down the track. No lights to turn down so they don’t interfere with the IR signal. Just a cameara looking at you, interperting you and the other player’s motions. Not to mention the AI! Check out Milo in the demo below. Granted, Milo may bore me quickly from what I’ve seen from the demo – however I can envision so many other possibilities that would grab my attention party night after party night. Voice Recognition, movies, and more… I think I know my next new toy!

Wireless Printers

I went on a new printer mission a couple of weeks ago for my home. I had an Epson printer for a few years, but lost my power cord after my move (which of course I found after I bought this new printer). I have a laptop that I like to use on my lap while watching TV in the living room. But if I ever wanted to print something I’d always have to plug in the USB port to the printer in the next room. Wouldn’t it be great if I had a network printer? But those costs hundereds if not thousands of dollars – right? So went to my local electronics store a low-and-behold a wireless printer! (Well, they haven’t made wireless power yet without cooking yourself to death) And what’s more, it’s sub-$100! I picked up a Brother MFC-490CW Multifunction printer. I had my reservations thinking wireless might be slow and not reliable. However I found just the opposite. It was easy to setup and a breeze to print, scan, copy, etc. Plus there’s no wires! Looking at the ink prices, they’re pretty cheap too – (yea eBay!). I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to free themselves yet not do away with any of the advantages of this type of system.

HDMI Cables and Your Money

Lately I’ve upgraded my TV from the tube to the LCD. Nice. But wait – now I need new furniture to replace my bulky entertainment center. Ooh – now I need better sound; yep 5.1 dobly digital sound. Well, standard cable just isn’t up to par, so now I have to go get a HD cable box.

Upgrading to the HD “lifestyle” is like a Jeep. It’s a never-ending money pit. Good luck catching me buying Blueray, well at least not yet.

But here’s one money saving tip – eBay! I went to cox to pickup the HD box, something like $6/mo. But wait to hook it up via the HDMI cable, it’s another $60 upfront! No way! Go to eBay, search for HDMI Cable (at least ver 1.3) and wam-bam, six bucks. That’s a $52 savings for a stupid cable! Granted you may not get the pretty packaging, but who cares. eBay! Audio cables, video cables, all cheap cheap cheap, and they work the same.