HDMI Cables and Your Money

Lately I’ve upgraded my TV from the tube to the LCD. Nice. But wait – now I need new furniture to replace my bulky entertainment center. Ooh – now I need better sound; yep 5.1 dobly digital sound. Well, standard cable just isn’t up to par, so now I have to go get a HD cable box.

Upgrading to the HD “lifestyle” is like a Jeep. It’s a never-ending money pit. Good luck catching me buying Blueray, well at least not yet.

But here’s one money saving tip – eBay! I went to cox to pickup the HD box, something like $6/mo. But wait to hook it up via the HDMI cable, it’s another $60 upfront! No way! Go to eBay, search for HDMI Cable (at least ver 1.3) and wam-bam, six bucks. That’s a $52 savings for a stupid cable! Granted you may not get the pretty packaging, but who cares. eBay! Audio cables, video cables, all cheap cheap cheap, and they work the same.