Wireless Printers

I went on a new printer mission a couple of weeks ago for my home. I had an Epson printer for a few years, but lost my power cord after my move (which of course I found after I bought this new printer). I have a laptop that I like to use on my lap while watching TV in the living room. But if I ever wanted to print something I’d always have to plug in the USB port to the printer in the next room. Wouldn’t it be great if I had a network printer? But those costs hundereds if not thousands of dollars – right? So went to my local electronics store a low-and-behold a wireless printer! (Well, they haven’t made wireless power yet without cooking yourself to death) And what’s more, it’s sub-$100! I picked up a Brother MFC-490CW Multifunction printer. I had my reservations thinking wireless might be slow and not reliable. However I found just the opposite. It was easy to setup and a breeze to print, scan, copy, etc. Plus there’s no wires! Looking at the ink prices, they’re pretty cheap too – (yea eBay!). I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to free themselves yet not do away with any of the advantages of this type of system.