Phone Finger Heatmap

After reading an article today on making your iPhone more secure by adding a duplicate digit to your lock code, I though that perhaps I should look at my fingers’ tell-tale signs. The article describes how that someone could potentially look at your finger residue and determine which digits you use to unlock your phone, thus eliminating much of the guesswork to hack in.

While it appears I’m safe from this type of finger press detection, at least at this moment, I did find it interesting to find that I do leave tell-tale signs on how I most often interact with the phone.

The top section has mostly down-swipe strokes. This would be bringing down the notifications area.

The mid-top section is mostly untouched.

The mid-bottom section mostly consists of right-swipe strokes. This would probably be moving forward through news and social updates.

The bottom section consists individual presses. Most likely from using the virtual keyboard and app icons.

The search and back permanent buttons are the most used where as the home button is used a little and the menu button is rarely used.

I’d have to say most of these impressions came from my right thumb. I wonder if there’s any long-term effects to my poor thumb leaving all its skin oil behind and all that dragging?

Anyway, this natural heat-map methodology is kind of gross. Time to clean the screen.