Earth : Low Light Camera Time Lapse View

I still remember being amazed by the stunning video of Earth from space while watching one of the few IMAX productions I’ve seen in life. It was probably back in 1997 with the “Mission to Mir” IMAX documentary. Shown on a specially coated silver screen stories high shot with large format film; It was the beginning of high-definition video.

Since then we’ve grown used to being able to see house-wide images from space on our computer screens and smart phones. The view of Earth has become mainstream and lost a bit of its artistic appeal – until Michael Konig pieced together 18 time-lapse video shots from the International Space Station from August to October of 2011. These time-lapse videos where taken with a low-light camera and bring back the art of the Earth at night including clips of the Aurora Borealis.

This is a must see check it out in full-screen mode.