ColdFusion Builder Standard vs. Express

Posted: May 4, 2011 in ColdFusion

Yesterday Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 was released. With this includes the option to pay for a license ($109 upgrade / $299 full) or to use the express edition for free after your 60 full featured trial.

Referencing a couple of matrix charts from Adobe here’s some key differences between ColdFusion Builder 1, ColdFusion Builder 2 Standard, and ColdFusion Builder 2 Express. Only new features are being referenced.

ColdFusion Builder 1 ColdFusion Builder 2 Standard ColdFusion Builder 2 Express Notes
Search your application for specific tags, attributes, and text, regardless of file location X This is the new ColdFusion Search feature. You can still use the standard Search and File Search features. [Ctrl+F]
Navigate to the next logical tag, function, or control statement within your code X X  [Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down]
Set “to do” and “fix me” points within your code X X
Access methods and attributes within a ColdFusion component (CFC) that have not yet been created X X
Indicate an application start page to execute first when running and debugging applications X X
Create customized keyboard shortcuts or modify existing ones X X
Apply code formatting based on personalized, predefined rules X  [Ctrl+Shift+F]
Install ColdFusion Builder 2 as a plug-in to any Eclipse™ 3.6 64-bit environment X X
Code Insight X X
Extensions X X X Express does not support callbacks and code assist for extensions
Refactoring X X
FTP Support X X
Remote Project X X
Server Manager X X X Express will only allow local host
Quick Fix X [Ctrl+1]
Tailview X X
Local File Browser X X
Custom and Persistent Code Folding X X
Tag Block Selection X X [Ctrl+Alt+B]
Jump to Matching Tag X X [Ctrl+Alt+M]
Debugging X X
Log Viewer X X

All of the above information is gathered from the above links. If you find an inaccuracy please let me know and I will update the matrix appropriately. Thanks!

  1. James Moberg says:

    I miss the CTRL+M toggle from ColdFusion Studio/HomeSite that finds matching end or beginning tags. Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down kinda works, but it appears to be a CF-Only hotkey and doesn’t work with either HTML or XML.

    I tried CTRL+ALT+M, but it doesn’t seem consistent and doesn’t jump back and forth when repressing CTRL+ALT+M. If I unselect the the selected text, I can re-jump… but not back and forth quickly like the HomeSite CTRL+M hotkey. Also, when not in a tag, it seem to attach itself to the closest one and then allows a second toggle, but then it stops and doesn’t re-toggle back to the previous tag. (So in some cases it can be retoggled, but only a single time.)

    Is this feature difficult to imitate using Eclipse or is it not working properly? (Or is Adobe not trying to duplicate the “Find Matching tag” function initially introduced in ColdFusion Studio/HomeSite.)

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