ColdFusion Builder Standard vs. Express

Yesterday Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 was released. With this includes the option to pay for a license ($109 upgrade / $299 full) or to use the express edition for free after your 60 full featured trial.

Referencing a couple of matrix charts from Adobe here’s some key differences between ColdFusion Builder 1, ColdFusion Builder 2 Standard, and ColdFusion Builder 2 Express. Only new features are being referenced.

ColdFusion Builder 1 ColdFusion Builder 2 Standard ColdFusion Builder 2 Express Notes
Search your application for specific tags, attributes, and text, regardless of file location X This is the new ColdFusion Search feature. You can still use the standard Search and File Search features. [Ctrl+F]
Navigate to the next logical tag, function, or control statement within your code X X  [Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down]
Set “to do” and “fix me” points within your code X X
Access methods and attributes within a ColdFusion component (CFC) that have not yet been created X X
Indicate an application start page to execute first when running and debugging applications X X
Create customized keyboard shortcuts or modify existing ones X X
Apply code formatting based on personalized, predefined rules X  [Ctrl+Shift+F]
Install ColdFusion Builder 2 as a plug-in to any Eclipse™ 3.6 64-bit environment X X
Code Insight X X
Extensions X X X Express does not support callbacks and code assist for extensions
Refactoring X X
FTP Support X X
Remote Project X X
Server Manager X X X Express will only allow local host
Quick Fix X [Ctrl+1]
Tailview X X
Local File Browser X X
Custom and Persistent Code Folding X X
Tag Block Selection X X [Ctrl+Alt+B]
Jump to Matching Tag X X [Ctrl+Alt+M]
Debugging X X
Log Viewer X X

All of the above information is gathered from the above links. If you find an inaccuracy please let me know and I will update the matrix appropriately. Thanks!