Installing ImageCR3 on 64-bit Multi-Instance ColdFusion Server

Update 2013-07-25: Efflare’s domain has expired and their 64-bit product never made it out of beta in years, so this is probably not the best solution to use anymore.

A client of mine uses ImageCR3 to manipulate images server-side. They moved to this a number of years back because at the time CFImage was crashing the server for them and we just haven’t spent the time to go back to it after a few upgrades.

This tag works great after you get it installed. Keyword being “after”.

On 32-bit servers it’s a fairly easy install and uses a C++ interface. However on 64-bit servers ColdFusion communicates with a Java Class.

Here’s the steps I needed to take to finally get this thing working after a few hours of fiddling around with it all. This is for a 64-bit multi-instance ColdFusion install.

  1. Stop all ColdFusion instances
  2. Run the install (my file is cfx_imagecr_3_service_beta_081030.exe)
  3. Install to the path of C:\Efflare\ImageCR3Service (do not install to “Program Files (x86))
  4. Edit the jvm_[instance name].config file in C:\JRun4\bin
    1. Add the following paths to the java.class.path variable
      1. {application.home}/servers/[instance name]/cfusion.ear/cfusion.war/WEB-INF/lib
        1. The reason this is added is due to a “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/allaire/cfx/CustomTag” error I was getting
        2. Verify that it is either cfusion.ear and cfusion.war or cfusion-ear and cfusion-war
      2. C:/Efflare/ImageCR3Service/imagecr3.jar
  5. In the CF Administrator add a Java CFX Tag named “cfx_imagecr3” with a class name of “ImageCR3” (case sensitive)
  6. Start the ColdFusion Instances
  7. Start the Efflare ImageCR3 Service
    1. If you miss this step you will get a “A network error occurred.” error

Hopefully this guide will help you save a few hours.