Installing ImageCR3 on 64-bit Multi-Instance ColdFusion Server

Posted: February 1, 2011 in ColdFusion Servers

Update 2013-07-25: Efflare’s domain has expired and their 64-bit product never made it out of beta in years, so this is probably not the best solution to use anymore.

A client of mine uses ImageCR3 to manipulate images server-side. They moved to this a number of years back because at the time CFImage was crashing the server for them and we just haven’t spent the time to go back to it after a few upgrades.

This tag works great after you get it installed. Keyword being “after”.

On 32-bit servers it’s a fairly easy install and uses a C++ interface. However on 64-bit servers ColdFusion communicates with a Java Class.

Here’s the steps I needed to take to finally get this thing working after a few hours of fiddling around with it all. This is for a 64-bit multi-instance ColdFusion install.

  1. Stop all ColdFusion instances
  2. Run the install (my file is cfx_imagecr_3_service_beta_081030.exe)
  3. Install to the path of C:\Efflare\ImageCR3Service (do not install to “Program Files (x86))
  4. Edit the jvm_[instance name].config file in C:\JRun4\bin
    1. Add the following paths to the java.class.path variable
      1. {application.home}/servers/[instance name]/cfusion.ear/cfusion.war/WEB-INF/lib
        1. The reason this is added is due to a “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/allaire/cfx/CustomTag” error I was getting
        2. Verify that it is either cfusion.ear and cfusion.war or cfusion-ear and cfusion-war
      2. C:/Efflare/ImageCR3Service/imagecr3.jar
  5. In the CF Administrator add a Java CFX Tag named “cfx_imagecr3” with a class name of “ImageCR3” (case sensitive)
  6. Start the ColdFusion Instances
  7. Start the Efflare ImageCR3 Service
    1. If you miss this step you will get a “A network error occurred.” error

Hopefully this guide will help you save a few hours.

  1. I ran into this before on a 64bit server! It’s a great tag but it sure was a pain getting it installed once I upgraded to a 64bit server! Nice post!

  2. I am a paying customer of Efflare and have an enterprise license for their ImageCR and ImageFlare tags. I have been trying to reach them for months with no luck. I too wanted to move to x64 but cannot get my hands on the executable. Any thoughts on how I can proceed? Are they still around?

    • Chris says:

      Josen I had to re-purchase the “cfx Image CR3” package. The files that are made accessible to you include the necessary .jar file among others for 64-bit usage. It does appear Efflare is making no effort to get up to speed and this.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Chris. I don’t even mind paying for the tag in its upgraded form. I’m just not so sure I would even get anything if I put my credit card in the order form. Did you get all versions of the tag when you purchased… x86, x64?

  4. Do you happen to recall if the 32 bit tag had a java version also?

    • Novellium says:

      Hi..I bought imagecr years ago..and we now have upgraded to coldfusion 10 64-bit.
      i am trying to find the exe file for 64-bit but their site is not coming up.
      Can someone please adviseme where i can buy a 64-bit version…or suggest which program to buy in replacement
      I would very much appreciate your help

      • Chris says:

        You won’t be able to buy it anymore as the post notes. I would suggest just using the built-in cfimage functionality now..

  5. Craig Baker says:

    Can you believe this response years later. We are using the 64 bit version of imagecr and it works SO MUCH BETTER than cfimage which pegs the CPU’s and does not recognize DPI and can’t handle CMYK conversions. I also tried to no avail to contact the folks at efflare, and would be more than happy to pay them for their program (though I purchansed the full license originally). If anybody needs the files and install instructions email me at xdeadline AT gmail

    And thanks Chris. I did indeed spend a couple of hours restarting everything except the efflare servicem which when done. solved my issue instantly.

  6. Peter Hutchins says:

    Have you got a copy of the Beta Installer : cfx_imagecr_3_service_beta_081030.exe

  7. Dave says:

    We’ve used it and it worked great, better than CF. We ran it on Windows 2012 R2 in production with no issue. I’ve included a link to a zip of the x64 and 32bit version if anyone still needs access to them. The x64 bit version is the “beta”. Too bad they don’t maintain it anymore.

    We’ve transitioned to using and CF just creates the URL, then ImageResizer runs on different servers and fed though CloudFront. Works great.

    I included some install directions and used the Wayback machine to grab some of the original instructions. They are included in a PDF. Feel free to download here:

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