How Technology Saved My Dinner

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I went out for dinner last night and had some Grouper and Crab meat for dinner, it was pretty amazing. Sitting in the patio next to a lake with a small water fall and fountain. It was a perfect evening, with the sun slowly going down and about 72 degrees, hardly any wind. Then my phone buzzed… “Thunder storm warning issued”. I thought this can’t be right – not a dark cloud in the sky. So I pulled up “The Weather Channel” app on my droid and started the Radar loop. Ooh – dark red heading right for us and fast. Reading the alert – 60MPH wind gusts moving at 45MPH. So I kindly asked the waitress if we could move indoors because there was a nasty storm coming. She replied – “Really? Well you’re smarter than the average chicken”. So they moved us inside and we continued with dinner. Ten minutes later everyone is scrambling inside with the staff trying to hold down the fort – including condiments, umbrellas, and seat covers. Guess they where just “your average chicken”. “I love my droid”


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