LCD TV’s These Days

Today an article on cnet news caught my eye: Get a 40-inch HDTV for $399.

I thought wow! After reading the specs it’s a 1080p w/ 2,000:1 contrast ratio w/ an average 4.5/5 review rating. I bought my 37″ Toshiba 720p LCD TV about two years ago for $750. So I can basically get a TV that is twice as good for a little more than half the cost. Not a bad deal. Even Amazon can’t touch this price that Walmart has. They list it for another $150.

However I do have to give Toshiba props for excellent customer service regarding a warranty issue I had. They replaced pretty much the whole guts of my TV at no cost, on site, and with awesome communication. This TV in the article is a Proscan brand. I wonder how they would handle a warranty claim? Would there be the trade-off?

It’s just always amazing how fast electronics drop in price. Just recently I remember speaking with my grandfather on how he bought two 5MB hard drives back in the day for a cool $3,500 – thinking he would never need more space than that. Good luck finding 5MB anything these days.