Backing Up Your Computer

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was recently engaged in a short discussion regarding Amazon’s S3 Storage Service. This reminded me of a great backup solution I use for my personal computer.

Most people do not backup their computer for a number of reasons; too complicated, too cumbersome, too costly, “I need to backup?”. But fate comes to play, and poof! there it goes. All those family photos, legal documents, music, etc.

Here’s a cheap, easy way to backup your computer. Download, install, signup, and forget. Introducing Jungle Disk (and no I’m not getting paid to promote this). It cost me $20.00 upfront with lifetime free upgrades and 15 cents per GB-Month of storage used, plus a little for data transfer. All-in-all I’m getting charged about $3.50 to backup all my photos, some videos, personal website projects, documents, and more.

The software Jungle Disk uses Amazon’s S3 Storage Service to store my data, keep it encrypted, automate the backup, and make available on’s datacenters for high availability.

So unless your bank account is at zero, there’s no reason not to backup your computer anymore. What’s more is you can actually use it like a network drive if you want and you only pay for what you use.



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