Simple HTML5

I keep going back to look and see what is actually required as a minimum for HTML5 markup, so I thought I’d blog it for easy reference.

The non-normative minimum markup for HTML5 is:

<!DOCTYPE html>


  • The DOCTYPE is required for legacy reasons. Including the DOCTYPE in a document ensures that the browser makes a best-effort attempt at following the relevant specifications.
  • HTML is not case sensitive
  • A closing slash is not needed for self-closing elements
  • A link element must have a rel attribute. If the type attribute is omitted on an external reference it will default to the MIME type of the file being referenced. For example if the href is “mycss.css”, the type will become “text/css”.
  • If no type is defined for the style element, then it defaults to “text/css”
  • If no type attribute is defined for the script element, then it default to “text/javascript”

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