404 Error Downloading Files via IIS 7.x

I had the need to be able to directly download a .mdb file without changing customer code. My local server is IIS 7.5 and my staging server is IIS 7.0.

Request_Filtering_IconRequest_FilteringOn my local machine I could click on the website object in IIS 7.5, open “Request Filtering” and remove the .mdb extension from the File Name Extensions tab.

However when I went to my IIS 7.0 staging server, this handy feature was not to be found.

After some research I installed the “Microsoft Administration Pack“. This installed the same “Request Filtering” icon and I was able to remove the .mdb restriction just as easy.


Per Microsoft “The IIS 7.0 Administration Pack adds to the set of management features that ship with IIS 7.0 to include Administration UI support for ASP.NET authorization, custom errors, FastCGI configuration, Request Filtering and much more. The Administration Pack also provides a generic configuration editor, capable of setting any IIS 7.0 configuration setting and automatically generating scripts to make the task easily repeatable.”

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