Avoiding Collision Damage Waiver Fees

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

A month or so ago I put my truck into the shop for about 5 days to get painted. I thought about getting a rental car for the week and stopped by Enterprise. I knew that getting the collision damage waiver was a smart idea and I even asked how often damaged is charged to the customer. The agent told me that about 50% of all cars brought back are have damaged charged to the customer, mostly from rock chips. Seems like an extremely high percentage to me and likely abused. If I were to get the waiver on a mid-sized car it’d cost about $15 per day or more. With that in mind I decided to just car pool and use Uber.

Today I just received an email from my bank. I have a credit card through them, being US Bank. The card has a very high percentage rate but I keep it to avoid the $10/mo “maintenance fee”. Their email states that if I pay the full amount of the car rental via the card then I’ll be covered with their auto rental collision damage waiver – for free!

So the next time I go to rent a car, I just need to remember to use my bank’s credit card to pay for it. Then just pay it off before 30-days. For 5 days that’d save me at least $75. I’d rather go spend that on a nice steak dinner with wine for two.

  1. Mark Gregory says:

    We used a credit card with a similar deal to pay for a rental car on a vacation a few years back. The car was broken in to, a windows smashed and the door handle torn off. It took some hassling with the credit card and rental car companies, but the credit card company did eventually cover the whole thing. It was worth it.

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