SVN Tree Conflict on “tags” directory

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am currently working on a branch, which is created from trunk using SVN. I am using TortoiseSVN 1.8.6 as the client.

The directory structure looks like this:

web root
|- (many dirs)
|- tags
||- script.cfm

I noticed that after my last merge from trunk, that the script.cfm file was reverted to old code. I’m pretty sure it was brought down from trunk last week right after it was updated in trunk. I also know it was the same code as trunk because it worked. (it resolved an error)

When I ran a merge against the web root again to see what was going it, I saw it was merely ignoring any sign that something was going on with the “tags” directory.

If I where to try and just merge the “tags” directory or the “script.cfm” file directly, it would give me a tree conflict stating that the current directory was obstructed. Now the whole directory is reverted and nothing had it open. I even ran a clean up.

After some messing around, I noticed another error that made me believe it was trying to handle the directory as an actual tag folder.

To resolve this we renamed the “tags” folder to “cftags” on trunk. But it seems that Tortoise wants nothing of it (crashed), so I’m recreating the branch from trunk and merging in all my changes manually, loosing all my check-in history.

web root
|- (many dirs)
|- cftags
||- script.cfm


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