I ran into Muhammand’s blog on decreasing row count cost and thought it was a great tip to use in the future!

SQL Server Portal

Today, we will discuss the efficient way to count records of any table. Lets suppose you have millions of records in a table. How will you calculate the record count quickly ?

Let me explain this with simple examples :

Example 1 :
First, lets use the traditional way to count records from the table.

As per the results, the above query took almost 26 seconds.

Example 2 :
Lets go to SSMS to view how SQL Server calculates the record count.

Right click on the table and go to properties. It will give you a lot of information including record count in a fraction of seconds.

Now, we need to find out what query is running behind these properties. So lets open the SQL Server profiler. A lot of queries were running to calculate different information but I grabbed the query that calculates record count.

Given below is…

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