ColdFusion Implicit Struct Case Sensitivity For JSON

Posted: October 5, 2012 in ColdFusion
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I’ve always learned that in ColdFusion 9+ that dot notation and implicit structs will always convert the key into uppercase when returning it as a JSON string.

To get around this you would always use bracket notation.

However I learned today, by example, that if you enclose the defined key, in an implicit struct, inside quotes that the key case will be preserved.

// returns: {"MYKEY":"myValue"}
myStruct.myKey = "myValue";
return myStruct;

// returns: {"MYKEY":"myValue"}
myStruct = { myKey = 'myValue '};
return myStruct;

// returns: {"myKey":"myValue"}
myStruct[ "myKey" ] = "myValue";
return myStruct;

// returns: {"myKey":"myValue"}
myStruct = { 'myKey' = 'myValue '};
return myStruct;

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