FW/1 and Service Beans in ColdSpring

Posted: March 13, 2012 in ColdFusion
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Recently I started switching from a Model-Glue implementation with ColdSpring to FW/1 (Framework One) with ColdSpring on a project of mine.

An example service bean definition looks like this:

<bean id="geographic" class="geographicService" />

With the new FW/1 code, I tried calling a method in this service by using:

variables.fw.service ( 'geographic.getStatesByCountry', 'states' );

But ended up with this error:

Service ‘geographic.getStatesByCountry’ does not exist. To have the execution of this service be conditional based upon its existence, pass in a third parameter of ‘false’.

After hours of debugging, my team member finally found a solution; change the bean id from geographic to geographicService. Apparently FW/1 automatically appends “Service” to the bean ID it references so that it can cache services and controllers that way. This appears to be lacking in the FW/1 documentation, or at least clearly.

So the fix is:

<bean id="geographicService" class="geographicService" />

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