Word 2010 and Pasting Images Fail

I have a Word 2010 document that is pre-populated as a template for writing specifications. It’s nicely laid out with headers, footers, and numbering for sections and sub-sections.

However I can’t get a screen shot to paste correctly for the life of me. I tried using Jing, Alt-Print Screen, and copying from Paint.

Here’s how I can get it to show up:

  • Create a new document and paste
  • Randomly select different parts of the document and the image might show up on random parts of the document either full length or cut off the page.
  • Save the image and insert it into the document using Insert > Picture

None of the above will help me though.

Here’s what I tried, but will not work:

  • Switch to a different document view
  • Try every type of Text Wrap
  • Made sure the placeholder option was disabled
  • Bring Forward, Send Backward
  • Align to Page, Align to Margin
  • … and much more

I know it’s on the page “somewhere” because if I open the “Selection and Visibility” view it’s there and I can format the “invisible picture”. If I give the image a “Picture Layout” I can sometimes see the image being formated.

I searched and searched Google. Turned off smart pasting. Now I’m giving up and saving the image to insert it that way.

If you’ve run into this before, I would love to hear your suggestions as this is a huge time waster! Thanks in advance.