Plastic Trash Bags Last Forever In A Landfill… Until Now

I’ve been increasingly “green” conscious over the past few years. I tend to buy anything a little greener such as biodegradable soaps, recycled paper towels, printer paper and cardboard boxes. I also try to remember to bring in the re-usable shopping bags to the grocery store, recycle as much as practically possible, and fill my vehicles with semi-renewable fuels such as E10 and E85.

Now plastic garbage bags have bothered me for years. Right now virtually every piece of plastic ever invented (unless it was incinerated) still exists. Americans use 3 billion pounds of plastic bags annually, the vast majority of which end up in landfills*.

I won’t resort to using paper bags because they don’t tie up and when they get wet from your garbage they fall apart. So I’ve always used plastic garbage bags to keep things sanitary. Some times evils in life are necessary for the greater good.

But awhile back I noticed a new garbage bag product on the grocery store shelf. After examining it I found an awesome alternative to my plastic garbage bags: a plastic garbage bag that goes away in the landfill with no harmful residue.

This bag has organic materials bonded with the plastic it’s made from. This bond allows the plastic to be eaten by microbes found in modern landfills resulting in just sugars, fatty acids,  amino acids. These leftovers are then eaten even more resulting in water, CO2, Methane, and biomass withing 1 to 15 years. There’s a big concern over CO2 (global warming), but I’d rather have a little CO2 released which is consumed by living plants than a garbage bag that will never disappear entirely. The Methane is also captured by many landfills to run generators to operate the facility and beyond.

These bags, in my opinion, are a little more flimsy than standard bags I tend to buy, but I’ve never had one fall apart on me yet. As an extra bonus this product was made from 40% recycled plastic, the box was made from 100% recycled cardboard, and it didn’t use any glossy ink. There’s more than one out there but this one was from “Green Genius” as cost around, if not less, than the other bags on the shelf.

I strongly recommend you switch to the product and help earth and humanity out just a little. As more and more people catch on it all ads up.

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