Bulk Total DNS Updates w/ GoDaddy

I currently have a customer who is switching hundreds of websites over to us for hosting on a dedicated server. They currently use GoDaddy’s Total DNS and it works out pretty good for them.

While trying to find a way to switch all IP addresses without having to do them one by one I did a little research for bulk Total DNS updates. I quickly ran into it can’t be done. I could only export a DNS set and import it one by one. So basically we where stuck manually updating each domain manually.

Then I figured out I was looking for the wrong “term”. I needed to use the “Copy” function.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into the Domain Manager
  2. Edit a domain you want changed to the new IP
  3. Select Total DNS Control
  4. Check the DNS entries you want duplicated
  5. Click the Copy button at the top
  6. Select the domains to copy the records to
  7. Click “Copy Records”

My customer’s life just got a whole lot easier!