Commit Monitor for SVN

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I use SVN on a regular basis to commit and update code either myself or my team is currently working on. However one issue I’ve had, that I’ve never really looked into, was notification of commits so that each programmer can be notified automatically of changes. I’ve heard of some scripts that can be created to email the proper programmers, but today I found a nice tool that makes this painless. By default this program, that hides away in your system tray for Windows, checks for a new commit every 90 minutes. When a new commit is found, it displays a small window showing an update, similiar to goodsystray for Google Wave. This small program can monitor multiple projects and there a few options you can customize such as running a script after a new commit is found or changing how often it checks for commits. The program is called CommitMonitor and can be found at


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