Google CDN Tips

Thanks to BrightMix for hosting the jQuery meetup presented by Jonathan Sharp last night in Omaha. Jonathan presented on the new features of jQuery 1.4 last night along other Q&A topics.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with the Google CDN for delivering jQuery and jQuery UI. The reasons behind using the CDN is faster library loads, cross-internet library caching, automatic version management, and decreased hosting bandwidth. Jonathan offered a few tips:

  1. SSL works with the CDN’s path based requests. Use either “” or “”.
  2. For automatic switching between http:// and https:// get rid of it. Yep – just use “//”. Don’t confuse the slashes as “\\” will get you a network path. This should also work for “<img src=’//…” and “<a href=’//…” but I haven’t tested that yet.
  3. When using a path such as “//”, you can control the automatic versioning by increasing or decreasing the dot notation on the version. In the example above, I will always get the latest version of 1.4 – currently 1.4.1. If I wanted to always get 1.4.0, I would append the “.1”. If I always wanted to get the laster 1.x version, I’d remove the “.4”.