What people see on your webpage

For years I’ve done my best to explain to new designers, customers, or just people in general that it’s fairly hard to make a webpage look really good on your screen because everyone sees it differently depending upon your screen resolution. Then they ask what is screen resolution and just get lost. Give them 800×600, 1024×768, etc. and they just walk away muttering “geek” under their breath. Well Google has come to save the day once again. Thanks to my co-worker Jason for letting me know about this, check out http://browsersize.googlelabs.com. This will show you what the average percentage of viewers will see on your or someone else’s website with an overlay. You want to make visible what is important to the most amount of people right away without scrolling. This puts it into perspective. Enter your website address on top and check it out. A great design tool. Hint: If the website is centered, resize your browser window horizontally until only the main content section is left, otherwise you’ll see incorrect overlay.